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The InterdependenceThe Interdependence

Become a member

Membership of The Interdependence and the use of the idt. signifier is open to anyone and everyone who supports community economies’ values and ethics. Many of us are practicing community economies already - we just might use slightly different names.

Fill in the simple and informal membership form to download the logo and manual.

Check your eligibility:

  • you support and practice community economies 
  • you declare yourself actively involved in wanting to change the economy from an exploitative, extractive model to a supportive and reproductive one
  • you wish to survive well together, protect people and the planet
  • you act on these values and commit to reduce/remove the gap between policies/words and practice
  • you want to use idt. as a signifier, logo and declaration of association with The Interdependence

What you need to sign up:

  • your name/name of your organisation
  • address
  • your logo or an image that represents you